Elementor LearnDash Add-On

The #1 Page Builder in WordPress Elementor is probably the most popular page builder out there for WordPress. When I first started developing WordPress sites I wasn’t a fan of page builders, including Elementor. However, since Gutenberg (the WordPress blocks editor) it has become a valuable tool for development. I recommend the Pro account because

Should I DIY my website?

The Age of Wix, Weebly and Squarespace In the age of Wix, Weebly, and SquareSpace it is easier than ever to do your own website. And fairly affordable. Or, is it? In the past five years DIY websites have become increasingly popular. The quality of websites on the web hasn’t necessarily increased. There are a

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Which Membership Plugin is best?

In a way this is a trick question. The question should be, which membership plugin is best for my particular use case? The reason I say that is because depending on your website design and the solution you are creating you are going to need different things out of your membership plugin. The best plugin

Do theories of learning really matter?

Wherein I examine learning theories and ask an important question: is truth part of learning? If so, in what way? In this article, I briefly analyze collaborativism, Social Constructivism and Behaviorism. What role does relativism play? What about a sense of an objective reality? Some people adhere to a theory that all claims of truth

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