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Modern Tribe + Genesis

Screenshot of Genesis and Events Calendar Integration Page

This morning (3:55am Baton Rouge Time) I am working on a WordPress website design for a ministry of the First United Methodist Church. I was reminded that for the Events Calendar to work well in Genesis it requires making some edits to the child theme. The edits are determined by the content archives settings in WordPress. That can be accessed easily through the customizer.

Gratefully Modern Tribe has a recently updated page devoted to Genesis theme framework integration. This page has snippets that can be added to your child theme’s functions.php.

The Events Calendar is by far the most popular calendar plugin for WordPress. And the Genesis Framework is one of the more popular, and in my opinion, well designed themes available. We use their whole suite of child themes in our designs. I wrote in another article about how WPEngine recently bought out StudioPress and WPEngine customers now have access to StudioPress themes. That is a pretty sweet deal.

Some people say that WPEngine is being bypassed by other premium managed hosting environments. While it’s true there are some other great options out there, I continue to stick with them. I am loyal to WPEngine because of the service they have provided over the years and the quality of their platform and hosting.

Anyway, if you want to use StudioPress, and need a host too, this is a great way to do it. I am not affiliated with either company either, this endorsement is of my own volition.

And if you are going to use Modern Tribe’s Event Calendar (I use the Pro Version) with Genesis, make sure you reference the .php snippets that are provided by the Events Calendar. It’s going to require a little bit of customization but once you dial it is, this is an awesome calendar with a lot of power and flexibility that works beautifully with the Genesis Framework


About Symphy

Symphy Design and Consulting is a web design agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We specialize in eLearning but also spend a lot of time doing various business applications of websites, focused on marketing, communications, data analytics, and eCommerce.

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Projects Symphy is Working On

Currently, the Founder of Symphy Design & Consulting, Barry Schoedel, is busy leading a number of projects for some wonderful folks, committed to making society a better place.

The first is a real estate website for a company in Baton Rouge that is buying houses in neighborhoods that are in need of love, renovating them, and making them available at affordable prices to families in need. This project was borne from the inspiration of the owner of this business, who also owns some apartment complexes that aren’t the nicests. He wants to help people get out of the dead end of renting and leasing into a situation where they can start gaining some equity and become more stable financially.

Another project we are working on is a website for a local business consultant who sold his successful business in New Orleans in the past few years and wants to use his experience and skills to coach business leaders and act as a consultant for organizations in the area. He is particularly interested in training those that might not have the business experience or knowledge to add value to their organizations. This is combined with work he and others do to support entrepreneurs in the Baton Rouge area.

We have a couple other projects that are a bit larger on the front burner. One of them is the building of a freelancer platform for a particular need that isn’t presently represented well by Upwork, Fiverr,, etc.. This is to be made available to a global institution, however, to simplify operations initially it will be focused on operations in N. America.

And last of the projects that are presently on the front burner is the development of a type of Student Information System that is geared toward adult learners in a particular setting where there is organizational compliance, other forms of training that is recognized, along with personal enrichment and relevant academic history.

All of these projects are being made on top of the WordPress core. We typically use the Genesis Framework here with WordPress at Symphy, with the StudioPress child themes, however, sometimes for a particular application we may pull in something else. We don’t make any money from recommending StudioPress but I do highly recommend them. For Designers I recommend just biting the bullet and purchasing the entire package of themes with a lifetime license. It is a great investment.

Some of you may know that the folks at WPEngine recently acquired StudioPress so if you are with WPEngine you have access to the entire suite of StudioPress themes now. That is pretty cool, and a sign that WPEngine is upping their value in the ever-more competitive arena of managed WordPress hosting.

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Do theories of learning really matter?

Wherein I examine learning theories and ask an important question: is truth part of learning? If so, in what way? In this article, I briefly analyze collaborativism, Social Constructivism and Behaviorism. What role does relativism play? What about a sense of an objective reality?

Some people adhere to a theory that all claims of truth are constructions. Yet, this theory is self-refuting.

I argue here that SOME claims of truth are socially constructed. Yet all truth claims have an aspect of social construction to them. This is true because humans use language embedded in culture. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make claims that are true in an objective sense.

Read the article below: